Renishaw Hills

Four reasons to love life at Renishaw Hills

With February marking the month of love, we’ve got to get something off our chests – every day is a day to love at Renishaw Hills. Sure, this means that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have as much appeal as it used to but it’s a sure sign that we’re in love with every minute of life in our village. What makes each moment worth loving at Renishaw Hills? We’ve written our very own tribute to the place and people dearest to us…

A balance of tranquillity and activity

Those looking to enjoy peace and a sense of freedom most certainly get just that at Renishaw Hills, whilst social butterflies relish in a bustling events and activities calendar that offers something for everyone. It’s the best of all worlds and one that allows our residents to fill their days doing what they like, when they like.

A community like no other

What would our village be without the warm, welcoming, and caring people who call it home? The love that’s blossomed between our residents is the stuff that movies are made of. From lifelong friendships that feel more like family to romantic ones, Renishaw Hills has been the place for people to meet. And like the best love stories of all, you’re able to be 100% yourself.

The gem of KZN’s mid-South Coast

As a paradise on KZN’s mid-South Coast, Renishaw Hills allows residents to live the holiday. What started as a catchphrase has fast become standard for everyone who decides to choose us for the start of their new adventure. With more days of sunshine, gorgeous beaches and of course, our facilities that feel like the makings of a 5-star resort, we’ve been reinventing retirement since the day our pioneers moved in.

Our homes make daily life a joy

It’s no secret that quality and value are at the heart of everything we do. As a result, our award-winning homes exceed expectations and celebrate the best in indoor/outdoor living. Why not take a private tour and enjoy a closer look at the finer details we’re known for? After all, there’s a reason why we claim to be, “Surrounded by nature. Built with care.”

Take it all in

Ready to see our offering in the flesh? Book your private tour of the village when you email our wonderful sales team at On the odd chance that you’d prefer to stay home, browse our virtual tours here.



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