Care at Renishaw Hills

Healthcare is a primary concern when it comes to choosing a retirement property. Unfortunately, not every option is equipped to offer residents a reliable standard of care during this pivotal time of one’s life. At Renishaw Hills, our approach gives rise to both care and peace of mind, with several options that ensure our people are always happy and healthy.

We are incredibly proud of our Home-based Care offering that provides numerous advantages for our Renishaw Hills family and their loved ones. These include:

1. More personalised care – Home-based care means attention that’s tailored to the specific needs of the individual. In this instance, caregivers can focus solely on the patient without the distractions of a busy medical facility and numerous patients at the same time.

2. Comfort and familiarity – There’s certainly something to be said for receiving care in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by familiar surroundings and your loved ones. This contributes positively to the emotional well-being and recovery of the patient, which we have found makes all the difference when it comes to getting our residents back on their feet.

3. Maintaining independence – Maintaining a level of independence and autonomy is important because this often correlates to dignity and recovery. Sadly, this isn’t always possible in a hospital or traditional nursing home setting. When cared for at home, patients can participate in their own care to the extent that they are able, which can contribute to a sense of empowerment and speed up their recovery time.

4. Greater flexibility – Home-based care offers greater flexibility when it comes to the services provided and the timings thereof. Caregivers can adapt to the changing needs of the patient and provide care on a schedule that works best for the individual and their family.

5. Continuity of care – Home-based care often means consistent and continuous care from the same caregiver or team of caregivers. This promotes better communication, coordination, and understanding of the patient’s needs over time. As a result, there’s less resistance from the person being cared for, contributing to a faster recovery overall.

Our approach of Home-Based Care is a holistic one that puts the well-being and comfort of our people first. Should a resident require additional care that cannot be carried out at home, our on-site Healthcare Centre offers a safe and comfortable short-term solution and is run by a team of respected healthcare experts. Then, there’s our Renishaw Hills Renishaw Hills Estate Medical Service (operated by Senior-Care), which is another vital part of our offering.

As a dedicated 24-hour medical response and telephonic advisory service, Renishaw Hills Estate Medical Service (RHEMS) is available to all Renishaw Hills residents. In the event of any Medical or Trauma incidents, residents are able to use this service to obtain advice, or facilitate rapid response from the appropriate emergency service. This rapid response ensures a far better outcome for the patient and has already proven invaluable. In the past 2 years alone, RHEMS has treated and facilitated the transportation, of more than 100 patients to the appropriate hospital for treatment. 
For more on our home types, our model of healthcare, and why our residents are living their happiest, healthiest lives, why not contact us today for a tour?



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