Renishaw Hills

Four activities perfect for the long weekend

Spend time with Mother Nature

Our residents love enjoying a walk or a mountain bike ride on our nature trails. Not only is this a great way to stay fit and healthy, it’s an ideal chance to spot an array of birds, butterflies and more. If you’re an early riser, a morning walk is sublime. Should you prefer to sleep in, an afternoon stroll is lovely too. Either way, you’ll get the perfect blend of fresh air and nature.

A beach picnic

One of our favourite things to do is enjoy a beach picnic with family and friends. Why not invite yours to lunch with a difference on one of the mid-South Coast’s stunning beaches? With glorious weather and warmer temperatures, there’s no better time to feel the sand beneath your feet and the sunshine on your face whilst surrounded by good company.

Making a difference

What would free time be if we didn’t use some of it to do good? For our Projects With A Purpose committee, doing what they can to make a difference is always the order of the day. It’s why they use their talents and passions to lovingly knit and crochet items for those in need.

Sundowners at Renishaw Hills

Whether they’re enjoyed at home or at Mackaya Bella, our beautiful community centre, Renishaw Hills residents can toast to the end of another wonderful day spent living the holiday. With homes that deliver the best in indoor/outdoor living, choosing between a seat in the garden overlooking the sea or a couch on the patio is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

It’s time to live the holiday

Want to experience that long weekend feeling every day? Then Renishaw Hills is the perfect place to call home. With Phase 6 generating a lot of interest, we’ve been hard at work sharing our piece of paradise with prospective buyers in search of the ultimate mature lifestyle village. For more on our celebrated homes, arrange your private tour when you email Alternatively, take our home tours here.


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