The choices you make, make you. It’s why we’re passionate about helping you make the one that’s right for you. With quality and affordability coming standard no matter the home type you choose, our refusal to compromise on finishes and value means a high-calibre coastal lifestyle that’s happy, healthy and completely convenient. The truth is, things are going south and we couldn’t be happier. The North Coast is fast becoming known for soaring prices and busy lifestyles. As a result, many retirees are turning to the South Coast for greater value. With a South Coastal lifestyle being appreciably cheaper on average, it’s easy to see why many are making the move in our direction.


Celebrating Scottburgh and playing our part in the future of the South Coast

The Developers of Renishaw Hills share our commitment to providing quality homes for residents, whilst preserving the distinctive natural environment and uplifting the local communities. This means that all shareholders respect the same eco-conservation principles we are governed by. Our partnerships with local businesses allow us make a tangible impact on the area, something that we’ll always be passionate about.


Site Plan

Every home and facility at Renishaw Hills has been carefully positioned to maximise the views and promote the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. With stunning coastal forest and Indian Ocean views, we’ve selected orientations that celebrate our South Coastal splendour at every opportunity. Over the last few years, we’ve watched proudly as the first few phases of Renishaw Hills were completed and today, over 250 delighted residents calling Renishaw Hills “home.”

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Much like any other estate, Renishaw Hills is governed by a set of rules that maintain the standard of facilities and quality of life for all. What makes us different though is that we care. The village’s general operating expenses are covered by monthly, all-inclusive levies that are payable by owners. This allows each resident to live completely hassle-free as we take care of the running of the village as well as its maintenance.

A 20% plough back of the net-enhanced value (profit) on the resale of residences contributes towards a Levy Stabilisation Fund. Through this, we can enjoy a long-term stabilising effect on monthly levies, reducing the prospect of substantial increases for our residents. For more on our village rules, please click here to download our Rules & Regulations Document.

A sound investment needs a reliable team

Property on the coast has an elevated value and for good reason, too. According to Lightstone’s Residential Property Index for 2020 coastal homes recorded annual growth rates of 5.8 percent, compared with inland property rates of only 3.9%. While the initial investment in a retirement estate on the coast might be higher, you can rest assured that your property will continue to gain significant value over the years.

To ensure that your investment holds its value and exceeds your expectations of life at Renishaw Hills, we have several bodies in place. Click on each entity for more information.


“The interest in the development is substantial and it grows with every new phase, offering some really exciting investment opportunities.”