The highlights of summer at Renishaw Hills

There’s just something special about the brighter mornings and longer afternoons that come with summer. At Renishaw Hills, our residents look forward to this beautiful time of the year. This is not only due to its warmer weather and natural splendour but also because of the activities that come with it. We sat down with a few of our residents and got their take on summer in our village. Here’s what they had to say…

Bruce & Anne Ellis

Q: What activities do you most enjoy in summer?
A: We love an early morning walk or mountain bike ride on the 35 km of district roads and single track surrounding Renishaw Hills. The views around every corner towards the sea and inland are simply breathtaking!
Q: What do you love most about summer at Renishaw Hills?
A: The indigenous gardens are amazing all year round and certainly attract a variety of birds, butterflies and insects. But after the summer rain, they seem to flourish even more so, spoiling us with a variety of flowering plants, across the colour spectrum.
Q: What is it about summer on the South Coast that is so wonderful?
A: Definitely a choice of very good beaches within easy reach of Renishaw Hills. It’s simple to get to either on the Old South Coast Road or on the N2, the roads are also not as congested and there’s ample parking available. Within a short distance of the village, we are spoilt for a choice of places of interest to visit as well as excellent restaurants.

 Clive & Lyndee Jackson

Q: What activities do you most enjoy in summer?
A: We do enjoy walking (both on the beach and in the on-site nature trails). We also love surf fishing, playing squash, motorcycling, birding, gardening and having braais. With a community like ours, that last one is always a frequent occurrence.
Q: What do you love most about summer at Renishaw Hills?
A: We have the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets! Then there are our indigenous gardens that seem to come alive in summer. Those long walks in groups over the weekend within the cane fields and forests also have a special place in our hearts, as do those get-togethers, braais and other activities with our Renishaw Hills family. The views over the sea or coastal forest from our elevated setting is magical too and we’ve loved monitoring the resident crowned eagle hatch and raise its baby. We also enjoy keeping an eye on the free-roaming bushbuck and other smaller antelope. Summer here is paradise!
Q: What is it about summer on the South Coast that is so wonderful
A: The South Coast epitomises that laidback holiday feeling and there’s no “peak” hour traffic to contend with. The casual dress code i.e. shorts and flip flops just makes you feel relaxed. Our awesome climate with early morning sunrises and late sunsets makes you feel like you’re on holiday even if you’re staying at home during summer. We really get the best of all worlds with sea, sun and bush.
Savour summer first hand at Renishaw Hills
To see why our residents live the holiday all year round, especially in summer why not pay the true coast a visit this festive season? To arrange your private tour of the village complete with social distancing please email or click here to take our virtual tours now.


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