Nature Photography Tips Courtesy of Renishaw Hills’ Residents

Sunshine, warmer days and spectacular sightings are to be expected at this time of the year. With winter behind us (not that it’s ever that cold at Renishaw Hills), our residents are taking every opportunity to photograph their favourite gifts from Mother Nature. We asked a few of our passionate snappers to share what makes for good nature photography and they were happy to oblige…

Erich Holm

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good nature photograph? A: “It should be unique, surprising and something not often seen. However, if it is not unique or if it is a common object, it must be a brilliant photograph. One so beautiful that the photographic brilliance of it will be admired every time it is seen. The best pictures often present themselves at the perfect and often unexpected of times.” Q: What makes Renishaw Hills the perfect setting for photography? A: “This lifestyle village is situated on the picturesque evergreen KwaZulu Natal South Coast. Surrounded by a conservation area and wetland, with the beautiful view of the river and the ocean. This alone produces amazing photographic opportunities. Add to that, the beautiful indigenous gardens of Renishaw Hills, and you soon find yourself in a photographic haven. There are unmeasurable opportunities to take pictures of the flowers, plants, insects, birds and wildlife. This is truly what photographers dream of. In the East, we have the beautiful sunrises over the ocean and in the West, lovely sunsets behind the evergreen rolling hills of sugarcane. There are homes where you can see both sunrise and sunsets without setting a foot outside.” Q: What’s your favourite subject to photograph? A: “It is difficult to say as creation offers so many beautiful opportunities. If I had to pick one, it would be the ocean. I love the dynamics of the waves, and how each one offers a unique opportunity for the perfect photo. The colour of the water, the surfer in the wave for extra action, sunrises and full moon shots… the opportunities are endless.” Q: Any tips for aspiring nature photographers?                   A: “Do not be hasty. Time and patience are of the essence. Take a walk-through nature, sit down and wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself. Then equally important; position yourself in a way that would allow maximum light to fall on the subject. Try to keep the sun behind you. Know your camera, this will allow you to capture the perfect picture within the seconds you have available, without having to worry about the settings. Having the correct lens is also critical.”

Peter Small

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good nature photograph? A: “Photography for me is providing clear evidence of the diagnostic identifying features of the plant or animal. So, for me, a good nature photograph is a crisp, clear and well-defined portrait of the subject.”  Q: What makes Renishaw Hills the perfect setting for nature photography?  A: “Renshaw Hills, with its superb and developing indigenous gardens and the diverse ecosystems surrounding it, provides great and increasing biodiversity with the concomitant opportunities for new and exciting photographs.”  Q: What’s your favourite subject to photograph?  A: “I love photographing flowers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, in fact, anything that moves. The most satisfying for me must be butterflies purely because of the great diversity of them, the amazing patterns and colours, and that they make good posers.”  Q: Any tips for aspiring nature photographers out there?  A: “If you wish to take photographs of individual elements of nature as I do, the most important ingredient is time and patience, which are both abundant at Renshaw Hills. You do not need an expensive camera with amazing lenses, as some of the point-and-shoots available today take better photos than my ageing equipment. Finally, you need to lose the fear of snakes, spiders and other creepy-crawlies as you will need to get down and personal with your subjects.” 

Mary Lindsay

Q: In your opinion, what makes a good nature photograph?  A: “Definitely light, which then enhances the colour and subject.”  Q: What makes Renishaw Hills the perfect setting for nature photography?  A: “The indigenous gardens which attract nature into the estate providing an endless variety of photographic opportunities.”  Q: What’s your favourite subject to photograph?  A: “Definitely butterflies!” Q: Any tips for aspiring nature photographers out there?  A: “Never give up, experiment and get out there as often as possible. Don’t be intimidated by others. Everyone has their own skills and unique way of expressing themselves through their photographs.”

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At Renishaw Hills, our location delivers the ultimate in weather, thriving gardens, beautiful birdlife and species of insect and wildlife. This makes us the perfect setting for every nature lover, whether they’re avid photographers or not. Ready to see what makes us the true coast and why our residents live the holiday all year round? Book your private tour of the village (complete with social distancing) when you email To take our virtual tours from your own home, please click here.  


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