Tips for improved heart health

At Renishaw Hills, we believe in helping our residents live their happiest and healthiest golden years. It’s why we often share practical advice on how they can live well and without worry. Whether you’re following it, mending it, or even listening to it, you only have one heart. We thought we would share a few helpful tips on how you can ensure that your ticker stays in tip-top shape.

Manage your weight with regular exercise

For most with high blood pressure or heart conditions, the correct weight management procedures can make all the difference. Renishaw Hills residents are big on staying active with a host of activities in and around the village. These include walking or cycling our on-site nature trails, water aerobics and even yoga and Pilates. Not only is exercise good for managing the number on the scale, it helps with boosting your mood and reducing stress. Not that our residents worry about that last one, they’re too busy living the holiday!

Watch what you eat

Those who are overweight have an increased risk of heart disease. It’s why a healthy, balanced diet that’s low in unhealthy fats and sugars is a must. Choose fibre-loaded foods like whole grains and get enough fruit and vegetables in order to keep your vitamins and minerals up. Lessen your saturated fat intake and swap fatty cuts of meat to leaner ones too. Eating oily fish like salmon and sardines will give you omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect against heart disease.

Say no to salt

Many of us are aware of salt’s impact on blood pressure. To keep yours at a healthy level, resist the urge to use salt at the dining room table before you eat a meal. Try to use less in your cooking as well and if you must use it, do so sparingly. Watch out for ready-made food products that are packed full of salt as most of the salt we consume is already hidden in items we purchase. Turn a food product over and look at the label. If it has over 1.5g of salt or 0.6g of sodium per 100g, this is considered high. We should all be aiming to eat less than 6g of salt per day, which amounts to around 1 teaspoon.

Consume less alcohol

Where alcohol is concerned, regular drinking can have a considerable effect on your weight, which in turn, increases your risk of heart disease. Whilst many of us wouldn’t cut it out completely, it’s worth making the effort to decrease the amount we’re drinking in order to be healthier. Of course, what you drink makes a difference too as carbonated mixers can add unnecessary sugar and calories to your diet as well. The rule of thumb is generally 7 drinks a week with no more than 3 in a single day.
A happier, healthier retirement awaits
At Renishaw Hills, our residents are living out the best years of their lives. With ample activities and world-class facilities that include home-based healthcare, they’re free to live the holiday without worry. If you’re ready to see what makes us the gem of the true coast, why not book your private tour of the village (complete with social distancing) when you email If you’d rather browse from home, our virtual tours are a great way to see our offering. Please feel free to view them here.


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