Get the most out of 2020 starting right now…

With every new year comes a chance to embrace new beginnings. For some, this involves a list of resolutions that one might set out to do. One resolution that we believe everyone should commit to is getting more out of 2020.

Whether you’re looking for health, happiness or even community, here’s how you can maximise what the new year has to offer you.

Insist on a fresh mindset

No matter what happened last year, you owe it to yourself to start over. What the new year brings you largely depends on what you bring to it. It’s important to remember that like attracts like. So, when you offer positivity, you’re more likely to get it in return. This is why we should all be mindful of who we spend time with. At Renishaw Hills, our tight-knit community of like-minded individuals are always there to support and encourage each other. Through tough times and even joyous ones, our Renishaw family are always there.

Create the life you’ve always wanted

Time is a luxury that isn’t promised to anyone. It’s why we should pursue the retirement we’ve always dreamed of. At Renishaw Hills, we offer our residents everything they need to make their golden years the best ones of all. By offering a range of activities, they can retire at a pace that suits them and enjoy companionship at every opportunity. Our location in Scottburgh on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal means glorious weather and more affordable living. From lower costs of living to more attractively priced properties, Renishaw Hills wants you to live the holiday. We’re also close to all the amenities you need, completely eliminating that feeling of isolation that’s often associated with retiring.

Stop putting things off

If you’ve delayed certain aspects of life because you weren’t ready to address them, now is the time to act. Those wanting to enjoy greater health this year should start eating well and exercising. Should you be looking for a retirement property, you will need to look into all your options. The right place will come and when it does, you should act sooner rather than later. If you’re looking to get more for your money, we’ve released 12 RTO (Reversionary Transfer Obligation) homes at limited prices. This is part of our bid to offer even greater value. To receive our new RTO (Reversionary Transfer Obligation) pricing, please click here. To arrange a personal tour of the village, please email us today on



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