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Renishaw Hills outlines 5 things to look forward to in retirement

The transition from the working world into retirement years takes some adjusting, but instead of approaching it with trepidation, retirees are embracing this time as the start of a new adventure. And like any adventure, there are worthwhile risks to be taken and exciting new challenges on the horizon.

“The best adventures are those shared with others, which is why we are seeing an increased interest in holistic lifestyle villages such as Renishaw Hills, which offer a dynamic social aspect,” explained Phil Barker, managing director of Renishaw Property Developments, developers of Renishaw Hills. “Retirees are able to pursue their interests alongside like-minded individuals, in a completely hassle-free environment.”

Here is a taste of what retirees can look forward to:

1. Freedom to travel

Travelling to new destinations is one of the best ways to experience different cultures and create lasting memories. For many, travel is limited by the demands of work life, but in retirement, individuals are free to look at a map and choose destinations at random. Whether it’s getting back to nature in a game reserve, relaxing with a cocktail on a beach, or learning about history and culture in a museum, the adventure starts here.

2. Pursue new hobbies

The gift of time offered by retirement means interests and hobbies that were put aside in past years can be actively pursued now. And for those who don’t know which hobbies to pursue, many mature lifestyle villages arrange social clubs and outings, all of which can be tried and tested for the perfect fit.

3. Enjoy a vibrant social life

Where retirement was once considered quite an isolating time, modern retirement living within mature lifestyle estates means there are always friends close by. Through organised social events such as dinners, wine tastings, book clubs, card groups and birdwatching tours, there is always something happening and always someone keen to participate.

4. More time for family

There is nothing better than quality time spent with family, and in retirement, this can be enjoyed without the stress associated with work deadlines and duties. Grandchildren are the best way to keep young at heart, and in a mature lifestyle estate, there are so many facilities and organised events to keep them busy.

5. Experience a healthier lifestyle

Daily physical activity is key to both a healthy body, and a healthy mind. For retirees, it’s important to take the time to find an activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial to overall health. This can be anything from dance classes and yoga to golfing and tennis – the activity options are endless within modern estates.

Truly enjoy the golden years by starting your new adventure at Renishaw Hills. For more information on the housing options at Renishaw Hills and to arrange a visit, email



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