The joy of downscaling

These days, we need less to live well. The media spotlight has promoted this type of lifestyle, driving more and more people towards it. In letting go of the large, freestanding home and much of its unused contents, you could find yourself enjoying the hassle-free retirement that you’ve always dreamed of. Not everyone embraces this thought with positivity. For those with an emotional connection to their property and assets, this kind of lifestyle change brings about a sense of fear. This is usually because this next chapter is viewed as the start of the final ones. We’re pleased to report that residents at Renishaw Hills have found great happiness in downscaling and moving onto our eco-responsible estate. Here are three compelling reasons to find joy in downscaling: Less clutter A large part of scaling down to a smaller property hinges on getting rid of items that you no longer want and need. Although you might have an emotional attachment to the home or the items, it’s important to remember that they’ve already served their purpose in your life. This means that it’s okay to let go of them so that they can be enjoyed by someone else. In letting go of a few things, you can focus on appreciating the items that you decide to keep. This in itself gives you a newfound appreciation for what you have, something that allows you to live a happy and balanced life. Lock-up-and-go A major benefit of downscaling is being able to choose a property in a secure estate that allows you the convenience of coming and going as you please. This is especially great for those who like to live an active lifestyle that includes daily activities and travel. At Renishaw Hills, our 24-hour state-of-the-art security keeps your home safe whether you’re there or away. This provides priceless peace of mind that allows you to retire the way you’ve always wanted to. Lower monthly costs It’s no secret that a large, free-standing home comes with a much higher cost of living. In today’s economic times, many are looking for more economical ways to enhance their lifestyle without the astronomical price tag. At Renishaw Hills, our single levy takes care of all of your monthly amenities as well as the facilitation of them. This allows our residents to enjoy the best of hassle-free living and facilities. If you’re looking to downscale, you’ve come to the right place. For more on how we can help you retire well, please contact us today on


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