Retirement goals to aspire to

When it comes to this stage of life, we’ve all got our own ideas of which goals we’d like to aspire towards. Although we’re all different, we’ve noticed a common thread between our residents as to what they need to live a fulfilled life during this chapter of their story. Here are four goals you might want to add to your list…

To be happy

The number one goal? Happiness and genuine happiness at that. This comes from settling in a place that offers everything you need to live well. At Renishaw Hills, we pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver everything our people need to live a holiday all year round. Whether it’s more days of sunshine, beautiful gardens, a bustling social calendar or tight-knit community, there’s loads to be happy about daily. 

To be healthy

Physical and mental health is key during retirement, which is why we focus on providing our residents with the facilities and opportunities to work on both. From our nature trails to health classes and even crafting and giving back, there are numerous ways to stay healthy at Renishaw Hills. Should you ever find yourself in poor health, our homebased care allows you to recover in the comforts of your own home. 

To be financially independent

Making choices that make financial sense is crucial at this stage of life. It’s why we offer two purchase options so that you can select the one that best suits you. Our Reversionary Transfer Obligation model of purchasing is similar to life rights. If you’d prefer a Sectional Title opportunity, we offer that as well. Then, there’s our single levy that covers a great amount of running costs and expenses, helping you live well for less.

To be part of a community

Everybody needs somebody. With community performing such an important function during retirement, shouldn’t you ensure you’re part of the right one? Our people never cease to amaze us with their warmth, kindness and creativity. With our community forming one of our greatest selling points, everyone who moves to Renishaw Hills are immediately part of the family. This makes our formal events and impromptu gatherings even more fun.

Tick all four off your list at Renishaw Hills

At Renishaw Hills, our residents are proof that it’s possible to live the holiday all year round. Thanks to our prime location, sensational weather and the best of mother nature, there’s always a chance to get out and make each day a memorable one. With an array of activities on offer and a supportive, inclusive community, you’re never bored or lonely at Renishaw Hills. For more on how we can help you make your next chapter the most rewarding one yet, contact us today on for a private tour. Should you prefer to stay at home, take our virtual tours of each home type here.


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