How the right community combats loneliness during retirement

Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments has seen the importance of community at this stage of one’s life, time and time again. “Retirement years are about taking the time to enjoy one’s hobbies and interests without worrying about the responsibility of work and demands of a young family. For many, the arrival of Covid-19 interrupted these plans, with many still unsure about travelling while the threat remains. This can result in loneliness, especially for individuals who live by themselves, which negatively impacts overall health. There are many ways that our community combats loneliness and keeps our residents happy.”

We’re not as different as we might think…

For starters, belonging to the Renishaw Hills community allows you to mix with people from all walks of life. Here, you get to know each other’s differences as well as all the things that make us all the same. In finding common ground, it’s far easier to build a support system and feel at home. Living amongst others just like you is also rather reassuring because it means you’re in the right place at the right time.

There’s always someone to call

Whilst chatting to family members in a time of need can certainly help, speaking to someone who is walking a similar road to you is always beneficial. At Renishaw Hills, our tight-knit community are there for each other when times are tough. They’re also there for life’s happiest moments too. Whether it’s a life-altering event or simply a friendly gathering, there’s no shortage of people who care and share at Renishaw Hills.

There’s always something to do

An impressive calendar of social events and daily activities helps keep our community engaged, entertained and closer than ever. The worry of being the “only person” is common for new people who have just moved into any mature lifestyle village. Luckily, participation and inclusion are two of many things our people do best! Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or something to do, Renishaw Hills gives you the perfect balance of everything you need to live the holiday.

Join a community that fast becomes family

Ready to join the right community in the right place? Now is certainly the right time. With Phase 5 sold out, Phase 6 is selling now and promises some of our finest homes to date. For more on how you can live the holiday and enjoy every moment just as our residents do, arrange your private tour now when you email Alternatively, take our home tours here.



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