Four ways our people are staying forever young

June may mark Youth Month but every day is a chance to embrace vibrant, active and healthy living at Renishaw Hills. In fact, many would agree that our residents seem to be getting younger with every passing year. Here’s why that might be the case…

Our prime location

Situated within the celebrated Renishaw Coastal Precinct on the Mid-South Coast of KZN, our residents enjoy phenomenal weather and access to everything they need right on their doorsteps. With more days of sunshine, our people are more likely to spend their days doing what they love in a spectacular setting they’ll never grow tired of.


Easily our biggest selling point alongside our views and our well-designed home types is our Renishaw Hills family. They never fail to uplift one another when times are tough and when big moments come, they’re always ready to celebrate. They’re also the first to join in the fun when there’s an event to be enjoyed, keeping each other young, invigorated, and most important of all, laughing.

The best in coastal living

From relaxed and laid-back to healthy and active, a life at Renishaw Hills is one of perfect balance. It’s allows you to enjoy your free time and really unwind, whilst thriving on the energy and activity that keeps the mind, body and spirit young. Thanks to an ever-busy events calendar and a host of weekly activities on offer, there’s something for everyone at Renishaw Hills.

Exciting family visits

With a location like ours and with impressive facilities on-site, loved ones relish the chance to drop in and visit their relatives at Renishaw Hills. This allows our residents to remain close to those who mean the most to them. Those that live further away look forward to living the holiday when they make the journey to our village, too.

Stay forever young at Renishaw Hills

Experience a taste of the holiday our residents live every single day when you join us for a tour and see why our lifestyle is certainly the start of a new adventure when you click here.



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