Why the 3Fs matter in retirement


You can’t put a price on freedom. Especially in a global pandemic where we’ve all spent time confined to our properties. If chosen wisely, your retirement village could offer you more freedom than you could ever imagine. Look for immaculate gardens, your own patio, and shared spaces like nature trails. These options will provide opportunities to explore and enjoy this time of your life like our residents do.


We’re all aware of the benefits of physical fitness as we grow older. This is essential for lowering the risk of lifestyle conditions and maintaining strong, healthy joints. At Renishaw Hills, our nature trails give you even more opportunities to get fit in the heart of Mother Nature. Then, our scheduled fitness activities like exercise classes and water aerobics provide ample choice for those looking to try new things. Staying mentally healthy is vital too, which is why our residents enjoy connecting regularly through an array of social events.


What good is a dream retirement without friends to share it with? Whether you’re retiring with a partner or going solo, we provide the perfect place to meet like-minded people. Studies have shown that companionship at this stage of life has a direct link to greater mental health, lower incidences of loneliness and improved sense of purpose.

Ready for freedom, fitness and friendship?

By paying us a visit at Renishaw Hills, you’ll get a closer look at what makes us the true coast. You’ll also see why our residents really do live the holiday all year round. To book your private tour, email Alternatively, take our home tours here.


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