Things are going South… and we couldn’t be happier!

Those who are in the market for a retirement property will know the importance of weighing up your options. Many are often torn between the North and South Coast and their respective offerings. Over the last few years, things have moved southwards and retiring there has never looked better. Here are a few reasons why things are going South…


By considering the South Coast, you’re getting a truly beautiful location. Besides pristine beaches and great views, there are many amenities to enjoy. When you consider Renishaw Hills, in particular, we’re located near great hospitals and shopping malls so that you’re never far from what you need. Along with our coastal scenery comes spectacular weather and more days of sunshine. This allows you to get out and enjoy where you live, spending each day making wonderful memories.


Down south, you get more for your money. Thanks to rising prices up north, there’s been an increase of people looking at more affordable options. This has meant more discerning retirees coming to tour Renishaw Hills in search of a more attractive price tag and overall offering. Now, our incredible value means even more for your money. In more recent times, We’ve released 12 Of our best-selling units at a special price for a limited time only. To receive more information along with our new RTO (Reversionary Transfer Obligation) pricing, please click here.


The increased development up north has made it synonymous with busy living. Whilst this might be attractive to some, many looking for a retirement sanctuary would rather venture south. As a peaceful haven, the South Coast and Renishaw Hills provides an ideal balance of activity and stillness. Our residents can live at the pace they chose and partake in a range of social gatherings or enjoy their solitude.


Besides warm weather, the South Coast offers some of the warmest people too. Known for being welcoming and friendly, the Renishaw Hills community is an inclusive one. When you’re surrounded by like-minded people, there’s always someone there when you need them. We’re like a big family, which means no one is ever left out. For those living far from family or those without relatives, this makes all the difference.

Come and see for yourself

At Renishaw Hills, our South Coast splendour gives you the best of lifestyle, community and affordability. This results in the best years of your life at a price you can afford. To arrange a private tour of the village at a time convenient for you, please email us today. To hear what our residents have to say about life at Renishaw Hills, watch their testimonials now.



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