The Renishaw Hills Community comes together in times of need

At Renishaw Hills, we pride ourselves on our tight-knit community who pull together no matter what. Over the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s kept many apart, lonely and isolated, they’ve never been closer in spirit. In more recent times with national unrest, our residents have continued to show up for each other when it matters most. Here’s how our community faced and overcame this difficult time.

We shared

With everyday commodities suddenly in short supply, our residents jumped at the chance to split their groceries with their neighbours. Some even went one step further to bake bread, ensuring that all at Renishaw Hills wouldn’t go without.

We supported

It was an emotionally-charged time for all in KwaZulu-Natal but for those at Renishaw Hills, strength and unity was to be the order of the day until the storm passed. We checked up on each other and cooked for staff and volunteers who helped patrol the area, giving all a purpose over a harrowing week.

We all played our part

Doing what we can with what we have is nothing new for us. Over the last week, we all stepped up to the plate. Overnight, residents came out of retirement to become security, chefs, psychologists, charity workers and more. Some even took the chance to aid with refuse removal when municipal services were temporarily suspended during the unrest. This proves that we all have it in us to help another, and at Renishaw Hills, we always will.
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