Six security features to insist on when choosing a mature lifestyle estate

At Renishaw Hills, we pride ourselves in offering our residents a chance to live the holiday all year round. Whilst our weather, people and array of activities on offer certainly add to the feeling of permanent vacation, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for our commitment to state-of-the-art security.

“The recent civil unrest put into sharp focus the importance of a sophisticated level of security when it comes to estate living. Homeowners, particularly those enjoying their golden years, need to be assured they can enjoy the quality lifestyle so celebrated in South Africa without the constant concern for safety.” – Phil Barker, Renishaw Property Developments.

What security features should you be looking for before you sign on that dotted line?

1. A secure perimeter

A secure, electrified perimeter fence is a must. This should be constructed from advanced equipment that’s constantly monitored and maintained, including an anti-dig alarm system. Clear-view fencing is currently the preferred perimeter option, as it provides optimum security without impacting views.

2. High-tech cameras

Any well-run estate will make use of cutting-edge thermal-vision cameras positioned on the perimeter fencing. These will ensure fast and effective action against anything sinister, whilst providing a chance to review footage when the need arises.

3. 24-hour patrols

The measure of any secure lifestyle village should be the quality of the company assigned to keep residents safe. They should provide a 24-hour, onsite security service that relies on manning all entry points, effective access measures for contractors and visitors, a continuously manned control room and round-the-clock patrols, day and night.

4. Quick reaction time

In the event of an emergency, time is everything. You need to know that the security provider will be there in a flash. It’s also worth noting whether or not the village and their security company offer panic buttons, either installed in your home or provided as a mobile device.

5. Security collaboration

An estate dedicated to the security of its residents will ensure that onsite security works with a network of outside security operatives. This includes law enforcement, community policing forums, security consultants, an armed response unit as well as other security organisations. This allows them to be fully prepared against any potential threat.

6. Unrestricted living

At the end of it all, residents want nothing more than to enjoy the benefits of security without feeling restricted by it. An estate needs to prioritise unobtrusive yet effective security wherever possible. This includes a dedicated and friendly security staff, clear-view perimeter fencing, and other techniques that effectively blend security measures into the natural surroundings.

At Renishaw Hills, our world-class security ticks all of these boxes, delivering nothing but the best for our residents. Get a taste of the security and freedom our residents enjoy when you join us for a private tour today. Email to book yours now or take our virtual tours here.


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