Renishaw “Pioneers” share their thoughts and memories three years later

Three years ago, our first residents moved into the village. Fondly known as the “pioneers” they were first to experience the Renishaw Hills offering and have seen it grow over time. Recently, we asked them to share what the process has been like and what they’re most proud of when it comes to our heritage and their happy retirements.   Q: Over the last three years, how has Renishaw changed before your eyes? Lyndee & Clive Jackson: “Being “pioneers”, the transformation from a dusty construction site, to a beautiful oasis of indigenous plants and trees was truly amazing. The transition from the corporate world to retirement was pretty daunting in the beginning but what started out as a group of strangers, very quickly developed into a group of friends.” Ronél & Wallie Botha: “When we moved in, there were only a couple of houses completed in phase one. It was such a thrilling experience for us, moving into a secure mature lifestyle village which felt like home to us from day one and to see how Renishaw developed before our eyes. From only a couple of houses to nearly 150 homes completed. We were amazed by the speed at which these went up without compromising on high standard and exceptional quality, it’s no wonder we’ve won awards! Q: Has Renishaw Hills lived up to the experience you were expecting and why?  Lyndee & Clive Jackson: “It has certainly exceeded our expectations by a long shot! We believe that the amazing views, serenity and hiking trails have contributed to the lifestyle we now enjoy.  Prior to lockdown, the community center played big part in hosting numerous functions that were always well attended by the residents, irrespective of age or interests.” Ronél & Wallie Botha: ‘Most definitely! Renishaw is where like-minded people live in harmony with nature. It’s where we enjoy a secure lifestyle and a place where we have the freedom to live the life we’ve dreamed of. The people who live here share our feelings and views and we are part of  one big happy family, we love to call them “ons hartsmense”.’ Q: What makes you most proud to live at Renishaw Hills?  Lyndee & Clive Jackson: “We are extremely proud of our home and its surroundings. This includes the peaceful setting, and extensive wildlife and birdlife (the Crowned Eagle being one special sighting for us). It’s always nice to see the Bushbuck roaming the cane fields too.” Ronél & Wallie Botha: “The absolute beauty and high quality of the whole estate with its indigenous gardens and a Management Team that really cares for the well-being of the residents. The peace that comes with living in an exceptionally well-kept and secure estate along with like-minded people who are like family is simply the cherry on top!” Make your next chapter the best one of all If you’re interested in sharing in the Renishaw Hills heritage, why not get in touch with us today? Book your private tour complete with social distancing when you email or take our virtual tours here.


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