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Renishaw Hills’ Projects With A Purpose: Proactive Ageing that makes a difference

At Renishaw Hills, it’s our goal to help every resident retire well. For some, this might mean engaging with a community of like-minded people who enjoy the same things as them. It’s why we’re proud to offer several opportunities for both an active and proactive retirement. Through our range of facilities, activities and local amenities, those who choose to spend their golden years with us are truly spoilt for choice. Not everyone is as passionate about staying physically active though. Others wish for proactive ageing in which they can continue to make a positive impact on their community. Here at Renishaw Hills, our Projects With A Purpose committee works tirelessly to use their talents for the greater good. Recently, we chatted to the group’s coordinator Linda Melling-Smith as to why giving back is key at this stage of one’s life.
Q: Why was Projects With A Purpose started by the residents of Renishaw Hills?
A: “Projects With A Purpose began as an opportunity for new residents to get together weekly to meet, socialise and get creative whilst helping others. I think our Mission Statement sums it up: ‘PROJECTS ‘ is a group of voluntary caring women from Renshaw Hills Lifestyle Village. They have combined their knitting, crocheting and sewing skills to fulfil their Mission in helping underprivileged children, irrespective of race, religion or creed by providing clothing, blankets and other essentials.”
Q: Why is this group so close to your heart?
A: “Projects With A Purpose is extremely close to my heart because I am doing what I know best and that is to help my fellow man. This is especially true when it comes to children, particularly in winter. That way, we can help them sleep in a warm bed, something every child deserves. We’ve also been involved with cancer initiatives in which we donated “knitted knockers” for breast cancer survivors.”
Q: Has crocheting always been a passion of yours?
A: “Indeed, it’s my special hobby which I absolutely love. To be able to share this hobby with fellow members of the group and help others at the same time is a real privilege. I suppose you could say that giving back is also a passion of mine. It’s something that comes naturally, especially when you’ve got extra time to invest wisely in things that make a difference.”
Q: How would you describe the work that Projects With A Purpose does?
A: “EVERY STEP” – “Every click of the needle; Every chain on the hook; Every foot on the pedal, is the beginning of something creative, that will end in something beautiful. Every step of action is a symbol of sacrifice and time well spent. Every step we take on this journey together fulfils a great need.” It’s always time well spent at Renishaw Hills If you had to ask our residents, they’d tell you that our community, unspoilt location and unrivalled amenities are really something special. No matter your hobbies or what you need to retire well, we offer all of that and then some. To take our virtual tours and see what we have to offer, you can do so here. If you’re ready to book a private tour complete with social distancing during level 3 of lockdown, please email


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