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Renishaw Hills: a secure investment

Security is imperative these days but, much like a lot of things, we only realise its true value when we don’t have it. With rising crime statistics being a cause for concern, many are looking for a top-quality solution that keeps them and their loved ones safe. This couldn’t be more evident when it comes to those in pursuit of a retirement property. At Renishaw Hills, we’ve implemented a host of security measures to give you true peace of mind. Gate-guarded Access When you first get to Renishaw Hills, you’ll be greeted by our professional security staff at the gate. Here, our guardhouse is the only public access point, where we monitor who gets let in. This is highly effective in preventing unauthorised access from trespassers and even unannounced visitors. Renishaw Hills Security 24-hour Patrols Our team of trained security personnel carry out regular round-the-clock patrols around the estate. This ensures that our perimeters are secure at all times. It also means that criminals never get the opportunity to strike because we’re always on guard. Electric fencing and thermal imaging cameras The entire estate is enclosed within electric fencing for your security but that’s never been enough for us. We’ve also installed anti-dig devices that monitor soil movement near the fence as well as the latest in thermal imaging technology to help us proactively identify possible intruders. Although, the only images we’ve picked up have been those of our resident wildlife… The footage is monitored all day, every day by our security team from inside our dedicated control room, who also have access to remotely controlled PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras to follow any suspicious activities outside of the security fence . Should our residents ever need to call the control room, the security team can easily be reached, not only by telephone but also by means of a personal panic button. Security of investment We understand that your property is an asset that you would like to protect and preserve. It’s why our security measures alone aren’t the only kind of surety you get from purchasing a home at Renishaw Hills. By buying in a high-quality, secure and well-positioned estate like ours, you’re guaranteed that the value of your investment is only going to grow as the demand for secure retirement properties does. The jewel of KwaZulu-Natal In addition to this, the South Coast has long been a popular area celebrated as one of the ultimate holiday destinations. This makes it an ideal place to retire as you get all the things you love most about a vacation every single day. In fact, many of our residents have said that they feel like they’re on permanent holiday, which is exactly how you ought to feel during your retirement. The only way is up The value of properties on the mid-South Coast has already seen an increase as new infrastructure is continually added to the area. This places prospective buyers at Renishaw Hills in a great position because they can get a property that boasts all the benefits at a price they can afford. With value for money, uncompromised quality and accessible pricing, Renishaw Hills is becoming the first choice for those looking to retire well. We’re waiting to hear from you Looking for a secure retirement sanctuary? There’s no better place than Renishaw Hills. We’re almost at capacity but we have a few units remaining in our third phase of development. For more on these units or for more on the estate, please contact us today at


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