Reasons we appreciate our community

At Renishaw Hills, our community is unlike any other. Some say it’s the way they welcome new residents home, whilst others would agree it’s the way they show care for one another. We say it’s all of that and then some. As a huge and important part of the lifestyle we offer prospective buyers, our community has become one of our biggest selling points and for good reason too. Over the course of a global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, we’ve found an even greater appreciation for the people who live at Renishaw Hills. Here’s why.

They never let anything get them down

Whilst many might have moped or felt hard done by, our residents found new ways to stay connected to their fellow neighbours during lockdown. This included the likes of good morning rituals, where they’d all gather in their driveways and wave hello to each other. Then, there were the socially distant braais that still brought as much fun and laughter as pre-COVID ones did. We’re proud of our people for keeping their spirits high and remaining positive. It’s certainly something we can all learn from.

They’re even more resourceful and creative than we thought!

There’s nothing like several levels of lockdown to inspire people and our community was indeed a testament to this. From delicious recipes to new hobbies and old favourites, our people kept themselves busy, healthy and happy. There was swingball, baking and even music-making, proof that there was nothing our residents weren’t prepared to try their hand at.

Their hearts are bigger than we could ever imagine

Although mostly positive, some of our residents endured some hardships during this period too. Separation from family and friends wasn’t easy but our people rose to the occasion once again. This meant checking in with neighbours, chats in the driveway and lending what couldn’t be purchased from the shops at the time. As a result, we’re more inclined to say that at Renishaw Hills, we don’t have a community. We have a family.
Become a valued part of our family.
If you’re looking to join a community of like-minded, inclusive residents, then Renishaw Hills is certainly the right place for you. To see why, book your private tour of the village (complete with social distancing) when you email To take our virtual tours from your own home, please click here.


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