Lockdown home detergent hacks to try at home

One sure downfall of lockdown is running out of essential cleaning products before you’ve had a chance to replenish them during the weekly shop. With online delivery slots being hard to come by, there are many household products that you can make at home. Simple ingredients like vinegar, bicarb and even lemon juice can make up some pretty potent blends. Here are some of our favourites.

A great multi-purpose cleaner

Every home needs one to destroy dirt and freshen up those kitchen tops, bathroom surfaces and bedroom furniture. Packed full of natural disinfectants, this mix is a potent one that’s sure to impress.
1 Tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda
1 L of Hot Water
½ a Lemon
¼ cup of White Vinegar

Method: Just mix it all together and place in a spray bottle to use when you like.

Trusty toilet cleaner

Who would’ve thought that a homemade concoction could leave your toilets sparkling? We must say, this one smells lovely too…
10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
10 Drops of Lavender Oil
¾ cup of Bicarbonate of Soda
¾ cup of White Vinegar

Method: Blend well and leave in a spray bottle or trigger bottle from a finished bottle of cleaning product. Just make sure you rinse it out first.

The wonderful window wizard

Many of us are probably looking through hazy windows right now but we don’t have to be. This recipe is simple to use and a streak-free addition that keeps your windows looking clear.
2 cups of Warm Water
1 Tablespoon of Corn Flour
¼ cup of White Vinegar

Method: Mix together and place in a spray bottle and shake well before use.

Let us know if you decide to try any of these cleaning detergent hacks by tagging us in your posts on Facebook. If you’ve got any that we don’t know about, why not share them with us? From the Renishaw Hills family to yours, stay safe and healthy.


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