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Lockdown and considerations of what we need during retirement

“Reflections on life during a moment of crisis should never be dismissed. The perspective gained in lockdown provides valuable insight into what people truly want out of life. And for many, ‘living the holiday’ in early retirement is a lot more achievable than was previously thought.” – Phil Barker, of Renishaw Property Developments, developers of Renishaw Hills At a time like this, we’ve all come to realisations about what we need to live well. For most of us, there have been a few surprising revelations as we’ve all had to come to grips with a global pandemic and the isolation that followed. It’s been a time of tremendous introspection and one where those of us over the age of 50 have come to consider what we’d like our retirement to look like. Some of us might have even found that this has since shifted with the event of lockdown and COVID-19. What was once high on the list of must-haves for retirement might have been bumped down a peg or two by things that lockdown has taught us to appreciate.
1. The space debate
“I only need a one-bedroom, what on earth do I need two or three for?” This sentiment has been flipped on its head now that we’ve been forced to stay at home. For those in smaller homes without a private garden, this has undoubtedly proven the need for ample breathing room and an opportunity to get outdoors, even just for a moment. This might have shelved the notion of downscaling for a few people as they’ve come to appreciate a spare bedroom for crafting or even a patio and garden for some solace.
2. An early retirement
At first, the prospect of an early retirement might have been brushed off and met with the notion of, “we can’t afford it.” Then, lockdown became a reality, got extended and soon became a way of life. We all had more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. We also probably came to the realisation that our living expenses in retirement will be a lot lower than we thought, judging by our lockdown experience. This has forced us to take stock of life as we know it and how we’d spend those golden years. Now, we’re all ready to use the time to do what makes us happy, rather than what’s expected of us. This includes being in a place we choose, not where we “need” to be.
3. A return to Mother Nature
Whilst we were in lockdown, Mother Nature took a breath. Suddenly, we began to appreciate everything we took for granted. A sun that shone brighter, birds that sang louder and lush gardens that bloomed without any intervention from us. We longed to enjoy her and her spoils on an unrestricted basis. A garden that was once viewed as time-consuming or maintain was immediately a haven. “How lucky are those”, we thought, “that have a nature trail on their premises.” Now, when looking for a retirement property, many will look for expansive spaces, walking trails and nature’s very best.
4. Investing in true happiness
What people might have been willing to spend has now seemingly increased. It’s possible that lockdown has reprioritised what’s necessary for a happy retirement and what it might cost to achieve it. With lockdown having decreased household expenses, it suddenly became clear that paying a single levy in a well-managed estate could spell “living the holiday” all year round. It also means not having to lift a finger when it comes to the beautiful garden, something that’s considered a win for those who aren’t in the possession of coveted green fingers…
5. Community
Then, we saw the value in living amongst like-minded people within an inclusive community that gives you privacy and friendship when you need it most. At Renishaw Hills, our community has remained closer than ever at a time where we’re forced to stay apart. From 8am front door greetings to driveway braais, the Renishaw Hills family remains united. Don’t wait to secure your dream retirement With wide-open spaces, glorious gardens, on-site nature trails and low touch activities, living the holiday is a lot closer than you think. Our South Coast weather boasts more days of sunshine every year, making us the true holiday destination. We’re hosting private tours in advanced level 3 of lockdown, complete with COVID-19 safety measures. If you want to see what life at Renishaw Hills is like, now’s the perfect chance! Simply email to secure yours today. Should you prefer to browse our offerings from the comforts of your own home, feel free to take our virtual tours here. Thereafter, you can Whatsapp call or chat with Julieann should you have any questions about your choice of unit.


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