Renishaw Hills Live The Holiday

Live the Holiday!

What makes a good holiday? Is it the location, the beautiful view, recreation, relaxation or exceptional service? At Renishaw Hills, we believe that the things that make a great holiday are the same as the ones that make for a spectacular retirement.

It’s why our residents feel like they’re living at a resort, where every need is taken care of in a way that’s friendly and efficient. With unparalleled quality, world-class facilities, state-of-the-art security, home-based care and unspoilt coastline views, we deliver a holiday that never ends.

Although we offer nothing short of the exceptional, we pride ourselves on providing a piece of the ultimate retirement paradise at a price that people can afford. It’s for this very reason that phase 3 of Renishaw Hills is selling fast! To showcase exactly how we help our residents “Live the Holiday”, we’re hosting two exclusive Open Day events this festive season. On Sunday 17 December and Saturday 6 January, you can visit Renishaw Hills for an inside look at what sets us apart.

• View our show homes.
• Take in the landscaped beauty of our indigenous gardens.
• Explore our unrivaled facilities.
• Enjoy the ocean views.
• Meet the passionate team behind it all.

From 10am until 4pm, you can see exactly what makes us a gem on KwaZulu-Natal’s treasured South Coast. Not only will you get a tour of Renishaw Hills, you’ll also stand a chance to win one of 8 meal vouchers for some of the South Coast’s most celebrated eateries. Can’t join us at the Open Days? Visit our Facebook page and enter our competition. We’re giving another 12 vouchers away there, too!

The best holidays are the ones where you made your favourite memories. For those already living at Renishaw Hills, this has been a highlight of their experiences so far. From meeting new people to making friends, exploring nature and even finding new hobbies, they’ve already made a few memories that will last a lifetime. There are still plenty to come and it’s only just begun.

Whilst we don’t need you to RSVP, if there’s anything you’d like to know about these Open Day events you can contact Julieann on



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