Join us at the Winter Gardens in July

At Renishaw Hills, we take the opportunity to #CelebrateScottburgh. It’s why we jumped at the chance to host the prestigious Winter Gardens in July of this year. We’ve always known that our indigenous gardens were something special but when the Botanical Society approached us, we considered that the ultimate honour.

From Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 July, you could experience guided walks alongside renowned indigenous plant expert, Dr Elsa Pooley. As a valuable member of the Renishaw Hills team, Elsa was the catalyst behind our own gardens, sharing her wealth and knowledge on the area and species with us. This cultivated the impressive natural beauty that our residents get to enjoy today.

Now, we’re opening up our gardens to the public on what promises to be a highlight on any enthusiast’s calendar. Whilst this event is a public one that happens annually, this is the first time it will be held at Renishaw Hills!

Those wishing to join us, please note that there will be a R50.00 entrance fee, with children entering for free and R40 for pensioners. Early Bird Special up to 10 July at R40 and R30 for pensioners. As this is a fundraiser, all proceeds will go to the Botanical Society. Dr Pooley’s guided walks will take place in three time slots on both days: 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm. If you would like to book please click here.

The Renishaw Hills team and our residents are honoured and excited to be hosting the Winter Gardens. We look forward to a successful event and we hope to see you all there!

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