Renishaw Hills Home Based Care

Home-based Medical Care: Greater wellbeing and quality of life

At Renishaw Hills, our goal has always been to offer our residents carefree living. It’s why we made the choice to offer Home-based Medical Care as an alternative to the frail care facilities provided by many of our competitors. Renishaw Hills Home Based Care Barriers to recovery Whilst frail care is often linked to comprehensive medical care, it’s also associated with being treated in a foreign place without the comforts of home. Thus, it has negative connotations, which means it is usually met with resistance. This makes frail care something that can have tremendous emotional, physical and psychological impacts that can hinder the recovery process. Happiness = Health Research has shown that treating patients in the comfort of their own homes can encourage greater health and quality of life. It also goes a long way towards helping residents remain positive and healthy. As an added benefit, there is no need for traumatic relocations either, which makes the notion of Home-based Medical Care a promising one. People, not patients According to our Managing Director Phillip Barker, Home-based Medical Care was the perfect fit for Renishaw Hills because it’s a more people-centric way to address health. This approach places the emphasis on the happiness and health of residents, rather than solely on the condition that is being treated. For us, emotional health is just as important as physical, which is why we have opted for a care solution that incorporates both without neglecting either one. A partnership with MyCare In order to provide Home-based Medical Care that makes a real difference to the health and lives of our residents, we’ve chosen to partner with MyCare. This is an organisation that shares our passion for better quality of life. As a comprehensive healthcare provider with a difference, they put all needs of every individual first. CEO Suzette Du Preez has a background in nursing and saw first hand that frail care is not always the most effective solution. As a result, she took the plunge and started TruCare as a means for people to experience top medical care without being uprooted from their homes. MyCare is a joint venture between TruCare and Carmelcare, which promises health and happiness for all. How it works Home-based Medical Care at Renishaw Hills offers access to a team of multi-disciplinary specialists. This includes doctors, nurses, carers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. With necessary support being provided on the estate, residents enjoy access to an on-site registered nurse and primary healthcare clinic. In our next phase of healthcare development, we plan to include a convalescence facility for post-op or rehabilitative care. Every resident will also undergo a baseline assessment to determine his or her overall level of health. This will help us establish a Wellness Plan for every individual that meets their needs in a way that ensures their wellbeing and total independence. All for a brighter future This choice has not been entered into lightly. The Renishaw Hills team are confident that our residents will appreciate the extra consideration that has gone into a decision like this one. Our promise of better quality of life and carefree living is one that we intend to uphold. This is precisely why we have chosen a care solution that provides both. For more on our facilities, please click here.


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