Freedom, fitness and friendship at Renishaw Hills

Living during a global pandemic has taught us many things. Over the course nationwide lockdowns, mask-wearing, hand washing and social distancing, we’ve come to see exactly what matters most. For our residents, three things have stood out to them: Freedom, friendship and fitness. Not only have these kept our people positive at this time, it’s kept them healthy too.

At Renishaw Hills, we offer the ultimate in all three.

Freedom: Thanks to wide-open spaces, carefully designed homes and the best of Mother Nature, our residents never had to feel the sense of confinement that many have struggled with. Glorious gardens both private and communal have provided a place to explore, unwind and just be. Friendship: What would our village be without the people who call it home? At Renishaw Hills, our residents are more than neighbours, they’re family. This has provided the support and even comic relief at times when some might have felt low. In choosing Renishaw Hills, you’re becoming part of that family where everyone is welcome and no one is ever alone. No matter what you’re going through, our community is always inclusive, understanding and there for each other, something money can’t buy. Fitness: Staying physically and mentally fit has proven a challenge for many South Africans over the course of lockdown. Lucky for our residents, Renishaw Hills has provided ample opportunities to keep moving in a safe and effective way. From on-site nature trails to yoga and Pilates, there’s never a shortage of ways to stay active. On the mental side of the coin, a supportive community and socially distanced catch ups with friends have certainly helped boost the spirits.
Take it all in for yourself…
Why not take a drive down the coast and see why lifestyle is the envy of the nation? Enjoy a personal tour complete with COVID-19 protocols when you email Alternatively, take our home tours here.


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