Five ways to feel free during lockdown

At the end of next month, our nation would have spent an entire year in lockdown. Thanks to a global pandemic, we’ve all had to make some serious adjustments when it comes to how we live. For many, the notion of freedom has changed dramatically as restricted movements and activities have become the new normal. Luckily for our residents, their freedom remains largely intact. Here’s why…

1. Wide open spaces

At Renishaw Hills, we’re grateful for our location that gives us access to the space we need to roam. This has proven wonderful for keeping our village healthy as fresh air and great ventilation are known to help combat COVID-19. It also allows us to practise effective social distancing whilst still spending time together.

2. Well-designed homes

Lockdown showed many the importance of a garden, particularly one to call your own. For our residents, being able to sit outside on patios or on lawns has helped lessen the feeling of cabin fever that some have encountered over this period. It’s also provided an ideal setting for endless cups of tea in the garden as well as sundowners.

3. Immersion in nature

Thanks to our convenient placement, our residents get the best of Mother Nature all year round, particularly during lockdown. When studies have shown that time spent in nature comes with a host of health benefits, it’s no wonder our residents are happier and healthier too.

4. A variety of activities on offer

Even when forced to social distance and embrace a lockdown mentality, our residents have found ample activities to keep them busy and in high spirits. From walks on our on-site nature trails to cycling or socially-distanced crafting, there are so many ways to enjoy yourself at Renishaw Hills.

5. A community of like-minded people

During times of challenge, the people you surround yourself with will ultimately impact how well you weather the storm. Thanks to our inclusive community, our residents have stayed in touch and connected to their neighbours and friends at Renishaw Hills. Whether it’s walks together or a cup of tea and a catchup, time with one another certainly keeps the morale at an all-time high.
Embrace a life of freedom at Renishaw Hills
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