A Celebration Of Growth At Renishaw Hills

With Arbour Week having happened in the first week of September, we thought we would keep the spirit of growth alive. After receiving our first rains of spring (around 70mm) we can’t wait to see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Honouring our surroundings and staying environmentally conscious is very important to us. It’s why we decided to make Arbour Week a month-long celebration by planting various indigenous trees at Renishaw Hills. As it stands, our developers have already planted 250 and soon, that amount would have doubled.

Inviting residents to share in the growth of Renishaw Hills

Luckily, our residents care about the cause just as much as we do. Our Pledge-a-Tree campaign is now live! This gives all at Renishaw a chance to purchase their choice of specified trees from the Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery and have it planted in the village. Their tree will have a label identifying the species as well as the name of the resident who pledged the tree. These will be placed both in the village and along the main road leading up to Renishaw Hills.

A commitment to indigenous plants

Many of you might already be aware of our breathtaking gardens. Under the watchful eye of our own Dr Elsa Pooley, Renishaw Hills has become a shining example of indigenous gardens in such lifestyle villages. A testament to this is the fact that we recently hosted the Botanical Society’s Winter Gardens. This was a true honour both for us and our residents, who get to enjoy the splendour of their surroundings daily.

Why do we insist on indigenous plants? This decision allows us to ensure that our gardens are waterwise, sustainable and a haven for local birds and insects. In doing so, we have been able to support the ever-growing ecosystem within Renishaw Hills. It’s also given our residents a chance to pursue new hobbies like nature walks and outdoor photography. When you live in such a beautiful place, you’re more likely to get outside and enjoy your retirement.

If you’re not yet part of our inclusive community that values togetherness, support and the wonders of nature, why not consider living the holiday at Renishaw Hills? For more on us and which offering might suit you best, please contact us today on sales@renishawhills.co.za.



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