6 things no one tells you about getting older

There’s a certain stigma that surrounds growing older. You know, the one that speaks of creaking joints, boredom and even fewer friends. In our opinion, there are far more positives to ageing than there are negatives. It’s why our residents embrace every aspect of their golden years and life at Renishaw Hills. Forget all the negatives, here are six wonderful things that no one’s told you about getting old.

1. It’s easier to make decisions
What’s that old saying about age being linked to wisdom? Whilst that’s probably true, something else that’s linked to getting older is the confidence to make decisions. From our past life lessons, we’re able to execute better decision making right now. Research has shown that some areas of cognitive functioning actually peak in the later years of our lives. This is because, by this stage of our lives, we’ve already learned what’s important and what isn’t.

2. You care less about what people think
Most of us will spend a great deal of our lives worried about the thoughts of others. As we age, we learn to become more content with who we are and the fact that there’s literally nothing we can do to change the minds of others. Perhaps this has to with the fact that we’ve come to see that these thoughts have had no impact on our lives, making any past concerns absolutely unmerited. We’ve also discovered that no matter what you do, you cannot please everyone and it’s something we’re okay with.

3. Quality starts to trump quantity
Although our materially-driven world has taught us that we need lots of things to be happy, we don’t see the point in frivolous purchases as we get older. We’ve already accumulated so many possessions and in fact, probably have far more than most people could ever hope to have. As a result, we come to understand that we need less to live well. In fact, all we need are a few essentials of a high quality and we’re all set.

4. You wear your wrinkles with pride
Sure, you might not be looking as youthful as you once did but this will become a treasured symbol of your triumph. If you’re growing older, it means that you are fortunate to be getting to enjoy a stage of life that some never do. Your wrinkles tell the stories of the way you have navigated your life thus far. Plus, no one has the same stories (or wrinkles) as you do. What could be more unique than that?

5. You reach a new level of respect for your own parents
Every one of us has at least one instance where our beloved parents have driven us mad. Guess what, you’re about the do the same to your own children. As we age, we gain a newfound respect for our parents and what they experienced when they went through the autumn of their lives.

6. A supportive community is key
As we get older, we often find that our need for an inclusive community grows. This means that we’ll want to be around others just like us who we can share our lives and struggles with. It’s what makes living at a place like Renishaw Hills so important. Not only do we have the support structures in place to facilitate the services you require during retirement, but our team are always there should you need them. It’s also heart-warming to see the way that fellow residents rally together whether it’s for a good cause, to help a friend or just to spend an afternoon together. Thanks to our extensive social calendar, there’s always something to do and no one is ever left out. For more on life at our village why not contact us today on sales@renishawhills.co.za?



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