5 Reasons to Retire to a Mature Lifestyle Village

When it comes to retirement, many people are put off decision making because of misconceived notions about the retirement options available. It can be quite a daunting decision to make, but the modern retirement solutions are varied and interesting. One that is well worth considering is the mature lifestyle village – an example of which is Renishaw Hills, located just outside of Scottburgh on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. This is an all-encompassing estate that offers retirees full services, a modern home and a true sense of community. Here are 5 reasons to consider retiring to a mature lifestyle village.

1. Cost savings

When you move into a mature lifestyle estate, you are buying into all the associated benefits that come with this way of living. This adds up to huge savings over time. Landscaping services mitigate costs associated with staff hire, machinery or maintenance. Many homes will also have an established garden, a cost absorbed by the estate for your benefit. Facilities such as community centres, sports and recreational centres, as well as organised community events are all part of the package of mature lifestyle living. Residents are also offered reduced rates at restaurants and cafes onsite, with transportation generally offered within the estate, and sometimes beyond to shopping centres and airports… all saving on expenses. Add to this the inclusive security and it makes for a very cost-effective choice!

2. Low maintenance

In addition to the financial benefits, the mature lifestyle village is designed to be a hassle-free environment. The daily tasks such as gardening and maintenance are taken of, so that you have more time to enjoy your hobbies or simply relax. Without the worry of home-based chores, there’s nothing stopping you from packing a bag, locking up your home and travelling, free from the trappings and monotony of responsibility!

3. Lifestyle

The location of the mature lifestyle village is generally chosen for the superior climate, natural beauty and proximity to transport routes, shopping centres and leisure facilities. Everything is designed to ensure ease of access while encouraging a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Estate facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling greens, walking and cycling trails, all allow you to keep fit and healthy in a safe, picturesque environment. Natural resources – beaches, forests, mangroves, rivers and lakes – will form a focal point, revitalising body, soul and mind. The community centre and organised residents’ activities provide a real sense of community with like-minded individuals, keeping you socially and cognitively active.

4. Healthcare

Whether it’s a frailcare centre or the often preferred, home-based care, mature lifestyle villages offer healthcare solutions to ensure you maintain optimum health, with on-call assistance in the event of an emergency. No travel is needed, and you can generally enjoy the benefits of quality healthcare from the comfort of your home. A primary focus is maintaining superior health rather than dealing with problems when they arise. This means you will have specialised individual healthcare suited to your specific needs.

5. Security

One of the biggest threats to wellbeing is stress, and security vulnerabilities are often a stress later in life. In a secure mature lifestyle village, you are offered state-of-the-art security measures 24/7 so that you are able to live a carefree, outdoors’ lifestyle. The security offerings will generally include perimeter fencing and patrolling, CCTV cameras, exit and entrance control, emergency response and monthly reports. The latest biometric access control systems will ensure no unauthorised visitors enter the estate.

Renishaw Hills perfectly embodies all five reasons for selecting a mature lifestyle estate. The associated benefits of this village, as well as ideal location offering ocean and forest views, has seen tremendous interest in the development which is already selling out of its latest Phase 4 homes.


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