5 Reasons to Retire on the KwaZulu-Natal mid-South Coast

The KwaZulu-Natal South Coast has always attracted tourists to its warm, welcoming shores but recently there has been a much-deserved spike in interest by investors looking for a more permanent location. The mid-South Coast, in particular, is becoming a sought-after retirement venue with modern retirees looking for a place suited to an active, quality lifestyle. Here are five reasons, identified by mature lifestyle estate Renishaw Hills, why people are choosing to invest in the mid-South Coast:
1. Weather
Known for its year-round warm weather, the South Coast experiences warm winter days with a cooling ocean breeze during summer. These resplendent weather conditions make this one of the most popular holiday destinations and offer residents a permanent holiday lifestyle with the comfort of home. Rather than having to brace the cold outdoors, the increased temperatures and stunning sunny days encourage a more active approach to daily activities which involve the inviting Indian Ocean. Swimming, paddling, scuba diving and beach walks are all part of the routine while those looking for a more sedentary option can enjoy reading in the shade, fishing or a gentle dip to cool off.
There is something incredibly refreshing about looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean. The South Coast boasts some of the region’s most spectacular views with relaxation and peace part of the local way of life. There’s no better way to start the day than by watching the sunrise over the ocean, allowing the gentle, rhythmic motion of the waves to soothe the soul. This azure ocean is beautifully complemented by the area’s abundant greenery through its coastal forests and wetlands, home to a variety of regional flowers and birds. The area just breathes life!
3. Quality of Life
The warm seaside weather and vast expanses of natural land create an intoxicating mix that results in a laidback mood throughout the region. The sounds of the ocean waves are only interspersed by the chitter of birdlife with the fresh ocean breeze elevating the soul. Embraced by a small-town, community lifestyle, residents are known to have lower stress levels, a more active routine and a better overall quality of life.
4. Health Benefits
Research indicates the enormous health benefits associated with coastal living and the South Coast, with its perennially warm weather, offers residents longevity and happiness. There are so many outdoor sports and fitness activities to take up – all of which place residents closer to nature. Walk, run or swim at the beach…cycle or walk through the nature reserves or get involved in organised fitness classes that take place outdoors. There is something suited to everyone. There are also incredible emotional benefits associated with leading a relaxed, stress-free lifestyle at this seaside gem.
5. Value for Money
One of the area’s biggest selling points is value for money. Retirees can look to invest in a well-constructed, sizable unit suited to their individual living requirements without having to go over budget or compromise on long-held dreams. The reality is that a lot of retirees won’t find exactly what they want at the price they’re willing to offer elsewhere along the coastline, but the South Coast has it all. In addition to the lower property prices, the mid-South Coast has lower living costs meaning monthly finances will go a lot further. The area is an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on quality or care. Commenting on the growing position of the South Coast as a retirement destination, Kay Robertson of UGU South Coast Tourism said: “At the Pan-African Health Tourism Congress held in 2017, we reported that the affordability and quality of healthcare services, existing medical infrastructure and upgrades currently underway make this a popular choice of retirement. Villages such as the new Renishaw Hills, near Scottburgh, and lifestyle and environmental factors, healthy living, wellness retail and eco activities, make the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast a great destination for retirement, health and recuperation.” Another major drawcard for the region was the sheer number of stunning golf courses, which appeal to all the ages. The South Coast is also well-known as the country’s ‘Golf Coast’ boasting 11 diverse courses stretching from Umkomaas in the north to Wild Coast Sun in the south. The nature of the sport lends itself to those looking for an outdoor activity in beautiful settings and can be started at any age. One of the area’s mature lifestyle estates attracting substantial interest is Renishaw Hills, situated on the stunning Mpambanyoni Conservation Development just outside Scottburgh. Embracing the above-mentioned factors, Renishaw Hills is a development which cares for its inhabitants and their wellbeing.


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